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The gemara in Shabbos 151b relates that there are 6 types of tears, 3 of which are bad and 3 of which are good. Those which result from smoke, grief, and stress related to using the restroom are bad. Those which result from medication (?), produce (onions, sriracha, etc.), and laughter are good. I found it […]

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I am a multi-faceted Jewish Educator living in San Diego, CA. I am originally from Los Angeles and spent a number of years learning and living in Jerusalem (where I got my smicha [Rabbinic Ordination] and Bachelors in Talmudic Law and Philosophy). I am currently the San Diego Director and West Coast Director of Innovation for NCSY and teach Jewish History, Chumash and Theater at SCY High School. As well, I run a small consulting firm for non-profits with Josh Cohen called Fill In The Blank Consulting. I am passionate about Torah, Jewish Education, Jewish Values and having fun. I love learning, teaching, cooking, eating, creating things, spending time with my family and most of all bringing it all together to find balance.