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ISTE 2014 Day 3 Wrap Up

DISCLAIMER: It was a long day, it is very late, and I haven’t yet proofed this. The information is valuable, please excuse any errors. This morning seems like forever ago! What an amazing and long day. Today was also a very rushed feeling and shorter day in the actual conference. I spent a good chuck […]

Welcome to Adam Simon [dot] org

I am a multi-faceted Jewish Educator living in San Diego, CA. I am originally from Los Angeles and spent a number of years learning and living in Jerusalem (where I got my smicha [Rabbinic Ordination] and Bachelors in Talmudic Law and Philosophy). I am currently the San Diego Director and West Coast Director of Innovation for NCSY and teach Jewish History, Chumash and Theater at SCY High School. As well, I run a small consulting firm for non-profits with Josh Cohen called Fill In The Blank Consulting. I am passionate about Torah, Jewish Education, Jewish Values and having fun. I love learning, teaching, cooking, eating, creating things, spending time with my family and most of all bringing it all together to find balance.